Design & Engineering

Innovative Vehicle Concepts "Made by Krukenmeier Fahrzeugbau"

Our highly skilled and innovative engineers and CAD technicians thrive on new challenges.
All you have to do is provide us with details of your specific application and environment,
and we will work with you to turn your customization ideas into reality.

At Krukenmeier Fahrzeugbau, we use the latest 3D CAD software available to offer design services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

We provide our customers with highly-detailed 3D drawings for all of our custom jobs
to allow you to visualize the completed trailer and modify your design if something isn't
as you had envisaged.

In addition, our expert in-house engineering and design team will carefully evaluate your requirements and provide guidance on developing the best product for your application
with a special focus on the design's functional feasibility, performance and longevity.

Here at Krukenmeier Fahrzeugbau, we take great pride in knowing that when a trailer leaves
our premises, it will meet or even exceed the highest safety,
durability and reliability standards.