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Innovative Vehicle Conceptions By Krukenmeier

At Krukenmeier Fahrzeugbau, we highly value the close cooperation we enjoy with our business partners. This is why we involve our customers as closely as possible through every stage of the design and manufacturing process as we continually seek out and embrace customer-inspired innovation & ideas and transform them into reality - fast, professionally and efficiently.

Whatever your requirements are, you can count on getting a high-quality and reliable end product that's individually designed and manufactured to meet all your specific needs and preferences.

Our highly skilled and trained staff have the expertise, experience and qualifications that you need to guide your project from concept to completion.

We believe that fast response times and short distances – both to our customers and our own production site – are key factors in developing practical, cost-effective and immediately implementable solutions to complex and challenging projects when it comes to the conceptualizing, design and production of your new vehicle.

A Trailer That's Designed And Built Around You

Our consistent collaborative and customized approach to vehicle design & construction, involving you as co-creators in the early stages of the product development process and even carrying out modifications or last-minute-changes in the final production phase, has proven highly successful a thousand times over.

Krukenmeier trucks & trailers are designed and engineered for heavy duty applications, offering superior strength, reliability and durability to meet the daily and rigorous demands of our satisfied customers.

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