Company History


Founding of Krukenmeier Fahrzeugbau GmbH
Günter Krukenmeier

Günther Krukenmeier started his first business at the age of 22
when the young entrepreneur set up a workshop in his father's garage.

Grndung Krukenmeier Fahrzeugbau

Since 1985: Continuous Expansion of Production Facilities

Krukenmeier Betriebsgelnde 1988

Our production site in 1988
1995: Construction of a New Chassis Manufacturing Plant

Krukenmeier Betriebsgelnde 1995
1997: Construction of a New Service Repair Shop
equipped with four inspection lanes, roller brake tester and
two inspection pits

2000: Modernization and Expansion of Existing Painting Facility
to a large-capacity paint shop

2004: Expansion of Storage Capacity by Construction of
New Highbay Warehouses

2006: Second Storey Extension to Administrative Building

2008-2009: Construction of a New Chassis Manufacturing Plant
and Expansion of Assembly Shop

Today: Up-to-date Aerial View

Krukenmeier Luftbild